Healthcare And Research

in Healthcare: innovative approaches
for the maximum reliability
of properties.

Full operation for
structures is guaranteed

User safety and well-being are the priority. Elmet provides these thanks to its improved facility management, planning its activities using specific analyses and innovative know-how.

The company pays particular attention to the proactive elimination of faults and downtime so that the primary activities of the facilities are not affected. Personnel who are highly competent in handling all kinds of requests and emergencies are responsible for maintaining and operating these special installed systems.

San Raffaele - Case History Elmet GSM

San Raffaele

San Raffaele Hospital Milan
Total Area > 300,000 m2
1,350 Beds

Special maintenance services and facility and technical redevelopment. Integrated projects have been carried out to refurbish and enhance the cafeteria's steam production plant. Redevelopment and upgrading of the facilities serving some radiochemistry laboratories have been carried out.

2019 – ongoing

  • Renovation & Construction
  • Healthcare And Research
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Istituto di ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri - Case History Elmet GSM

Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research

Pharmacological Research Centres of Milan, Bergamo and Villa Camozzi in Ranica (BG).
Total Area > 80,000 m2

Complete technical facility management services, including cogeneration plants. Continuous monitoring and dedicated Technical Account Manager. 24-hour availability via the call centre.

2009 – ongoing

  • Facility
  • Renovation & Construction
  • ESCo
  • Healthcare And Research
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