Elmet is the ideal partner for
achieving total energy and
technical efficiency
through various solutions.

Solutions for

  • Cogeneration and trigeneration for
    energy self-production
  • Self-production of energy from renewable sources
  • Energy diagnoses
  • Energy Management and digital platforms
  • Technical facility redevelopment



The energy transition begins with an efficiency intervention that best suits the needs of the business.

Elmet designs, builds and commissions the systems required to achieve the set goals. It does this after selecting the best solution via a thorough analysis. Thanks to a specific O&M contract, it guarantees the expected results for all the years of operation of new facilities.

Energy Performance Contract

Improve energy efficiency, paying according to the level of improvement.

With an energy performance contract, energy redevelopment of buildings or systems is simple. Furthermore, Elmet takes care of all the investments. The costs will be recovered based on the level of energy savings established by the agreement, offering the advantage of having zero initial investment costs.


The ideal solution for energy and technology upgrades.

With the Elmet Operational Rental Agreement, the savings that the efficiency solution generates in the bill covers the payment for the rental fee. There is no need for investment, and the rental rate is fully deductible as an operating expense.

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