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Case History

Rinascimento Terzo

Residential and Hospitality

The Project

The Rinascimento Terzo residential complex is one of the most innovative examples of environmentally friendly construction in Europe, due to the presence of the largest geothermal power plant for residential use on the continent, along with a biomass cogeneration plant.

The 950 apartments are heated and cooled through a geoexchange field by a geothermal heat pump system: 190 geoprobes reach a depth of 150 metres without interfering with the aquifer. The housing units are almost totally heated and cooled by the ground, which releases heat in winter and absorbs it in summer thanks to the heat exchange enabled by the water.

  • Facility
  • ESCo
  • Residential and Hospitality

Rinascimento Terzo Residential Complex in Rome
Total Area > 200,000 m2

Complete technical Facility Management. Advanced contract with energy efficiency. Dedicated Technical Account Manager. 24-hour availability via the call centre.

2015 – ongoing

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